Looking for some simple ways to recharge your energy to take better care of yourself? The fabulous Daniele Robson of Tanzanite Blue Holistic Centre today shares some tips to restore your vital energy to help you feel fab.

“How often do we say to ourselves: “I need to relax”/ “I need to take better care of myself”/ “I need less stress in my life” / “I need more time for myself”?

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Recharge your energy

Life opens up in so many different ways when your “vital energy” (our invisible blueprint) has been awakened through simple positive lifestyle changes; like regular visits to a holistic therapist.

Did you know that a 60 minute therapeutic massage / reflexology treatment is the same as 7-8 hours of sleep to your body?

So what if we recharged ourselves as often as we do our phones?

Passionate for feeling fab

When people ask me what I do for a living my answer is:

“I am a pain relieving, health improving, back repairing, always caring, muscle kneading, stress relieving Holistic Therapist”. I charge my clients for my time and expertise. My heart is free.

I believe my job as a holistic Clinical Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner is not to heal my clients – but to help them heal themselves by contributing to their own growth what is sufficient and necessary. I believe my clients already have wisdom, answers and capacity within themselves. My role is to help them access these resources through dialoguing and providing tips on a holistic approach to health.

Be your own best friend

We’re all different and sometimes we just need to be our own best friend and put our own needs first. That way, we’re better able to take care of everyone else. (I can definitely relate to that).

As well as exercising and eating right, sometimes the most productive thing we can do is take some time for ourselves to simply relax and reap the many therapeutic benefits offered through complementary medicine, with no unpleasant side effects.

Yin Yang balance to feel fab

Yin Yang are interdependent polar-opposites, necessary in nature and in life itself e.g. night/day, cold/hot, dry/wet. It’s the same with our emotions; happiness/sadness, fear/courage. If an emotion is depleted or there is an excess of that emotion an imbalance occurs that can:

  • harm the hormonal system
  • damage digestive function
  • tamper with body temperature and
  • exacerbate anxiety.

Many common disorders can be directly related to stress or anxiety which can be a breeding ground for disease.

Now for the science bit

A study by the Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine:

“Massage therapy was found to decrease cortisol (primary stress hormone) and increase serotonin (a hormone that plays an important part in regulation of learning, mood, sleep and more everyday functions). Also increased dopamine (a neurotransmitter produced in the brain known to help with mood enhancement).”

Thank you Daniele for sharing your expertise.

PS.  For more simple ways to biohack your body and mind to unlock your potential, check out this blog: https://feelfabnaturally.com/simple-tips-to-help-you-biohack/.

What is biohacking?

* Biohacking is using all of the tools we now have at our disposal to improve our lives by taking control of our biology.  Biohacking has actually been used for centuries. Human beings have always looked to maximise their performance.  This is why nutrigenomics is a fundamental part of biohacking a healthier life. Based on the study of the effects of nutrients and natural compounds on our genes, scientifically-backed products that support healthy ageing on a cellular level are now available to add to your biohacking toolbox.

Nutrigenomics products support the body’s natural cellular function by targeting the main biochemical effects of ageing, issues like oxidative stress, natural mitochondrial deterioration and more. By reactivating your body’s ability to do what it used to do – such as triggering your genes’ ability to produce their own antioxidants and your cells‘ ability to produce mitochondria –  we can now feel as fab as possible for as long as possible to get the most out of life.

Biohacking and antioxidant activation

So why are antioxidants so important if you’re looking to keep feeling like you for as long as possible? When you cut open an apple and it goes brown, it has basically oxidised which has caused a rapid increase in its ageing process. As we age, we oxidise just like the apple because over time – from our 20s onwards – our bodies produce fewer of the antioxidants needed to neutralise the cellular damage caused by the free radicals around us.

This means we have a high oxidative stress level so our cells don’t function quite as well as they did.  Typically our energy levels drop, our sleep patterns change and our inflammation levels rise as just three results of this process.

Supporting your cellular health

So what are our options to get more antioxidants into our bodies? How it works is that one antioxidant basically hands over an electron making one free radical happy so that it can continue on its merry way without causing damage.  The problem is that you can’t eat enough antioxidant rich fruit and veg or take enough antioxidant supplements to deal with the 300 sextillion or so (that’s 300 plus 18 zeros!) free radicals your body has to deal with every day.

Up to recently, these were our only strategies to counter free radical damage but in reality they’re like throwing a glass of water on a bonfire and hoping it will put it out…

By naturally reactivating your own antioxidant production through biohacking, you’ll support your cellular health from the inside out. The good news is that you can now trigger your body to produce its own antioxidants again.

Find out more about a natural product which is patented and clinically proven to lower your oxidative stress level by an average of 40% in just 30 days for the price of around half a cup of coffee a day: Protandim Nrf2.