It’s Chocolate Week (the fourth to be celebrated in the UK) and one of my favourite events is the Chocolate Show being held in London this weekend. I once went to the Salon du Chocolat in Paris and was amazed by the fashion show with dresses made of chocolate as well as all the goodies on show.

Chocolate favourites and treats

For those people who like chocolate (and I appreciate that not everybody does), chocolate is a subject on which everyone has an opinion.  Ask someone what their favourite chocolate is and their face will light up as they list out their top chocs.  For some, these bars are the only ones they will eat.  On the other hand, some people keep some varieties as treats with other chocolates being consumed more regularly.  I love chocolate covered almonds and as they’re so difficult to find, tend to view them as a treat.  When I want something sweet, then dark chocolate or white Toblerone hits the spot more often than not.

Chocolate and foodies

Chocolate has become a gourmet foodstuff and the names of specific plantations and varieties of cocoa beans trip off foodies’ tongues as they seek the best the chocolate world has to offer.  Whether you prefer to eat pure chocolate bars, flavoured individual chocolates, chocolate confectionery or to drink hot chocolate, there’s no doubt that you’ll be spoiled for choice.  If you’ve got a passion for chocolate, why not make a point of trying a new chocolate once a week or month to tantalise your tastebuds?  Department stores in London like Fortnums & Mason, online boutique chocolatiers like Paul Wayne Gregory  and the streets of Paris are great places to explore for chocolate foodies.

Chocolate for health?

An article in the Daily Telegraph earlier this year lists the following ten health reasons why chocolate is good for you so do please check out the detail:

1. It’s good for the heart and circulation

2. It reduces risk of stroke

3. It’s mineral rich

4. It reduces cholesterol

5. It’s good for your skin

6. It can help you lose weight

7. It’s good for mothers and babies

8. It may prevent diabetes

9. Chocolate is good for the brain

10. Chocolate makes you feel better