If you’re of a certain ‘vintage’, these feel fab menopause tips from the Menopause Coach, Julie Dennis, will help you to calm down, cool down and break through the brain fog.

feel fab during the menopause“Are you experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings and menopause weight gain?

Are you waking up throughout the night and struggling with low energy levels during the day?

Do you feel like you’re losing your mind some days?

You are not alone!

100% of women will go through menopause.  13 million women in the UK are currently experiencing menopause symptoms.

Four key triggers

There are four key triggers for your menopause symptoms:

1. What you eat & drink

The types of food and drink you consume affect the way in which certain hormones are released.

Increase your green veg portions and reduce your caffeine intake to calm your symptoms and boost your energy levels.

 2.  Your lifestyle

Stress makes your menopause symptoms worse so calming down is essential.  Easier said than done I know but whilst you can’t avoid stress in the 21st century you can learn to manage it.

Did you know a quick and simple deep breathing exercise can stop a hot flush, anxiety or menopausal rage in its track?

3.  How you exercise

Certain types of exercise will make your symptoms worse especially when it comes to shifting that stubborn weight from your menopause middle.

The right type of exercise to manage your symptoms is a mix of resistance, restorative and HIIT.

4.  Exposure to toxins

You are a toxic waste dump!  Modern life exposes you to a wide array of toxins, chemical and pollutants all of which stress out your system and make your symptoms worse.

Even your cleaning and skincare products can disrupt your hormones and trigger flushes, night sweats and mood swings.

headshot Julie Dennis


The good news is that with the right knowledge and support you can learn to control your menopause symptoms.

I specialise in working with busy professional women just like you providing expert, balanced advice so you can get cooler, calmer, slimmer, healthier and most importantly feel like yourself again.

For more practical and natural solutions to controlling your menopause symptoms so you don’t have to resort to HRT visit www.juliedennis.net”