Get outdoors in our green and pleasant land for a simple way to feel fab.  A recent government survey showed that people who regularly visited natural environments rated themselves as having greater life satisfaction, more self-worth, more happiness and less anxiety than less regular visitors.  Wow, all from a decision to get outdoors!

When we decide to get outdoors, we give ourselves time to appreciate the natural beauty around us. No matter where we live, we can find something that makes being outside better than inside. Whether it’s a quick visit to a park, a field or a beach, reconnecting with nature by simply taking a walk is food for the soul in my opinion.

When I step out of my daily routine and engage with my local environment, I recharge my batteries.  A change is as good as a rest so they say so why not cycle somewhere instead of driving, take a detour through a green patch on the map on your next journey or do some sport outside.


An article I read  a while back highlighted two studies that showed being outside makes exercise easier. Research conducted at the University of Essex showed that the colour green, such as that found in nature, makes exercise feel easier. The small study tested cyclists pedalling in front of green, grey and red images. Those exercising in front of the green showed less mood disturbances and reported that they felt lower exertion during their cycling.

Other research showed that those who exercise outside are more eager to return for a future workout than those who stick to the gym.


It’s not just adults who need to get outdoors more.  The National Trust is on a mission to get nature back into children’s lives.  Their Natural Childhood report  found that more children can identify a Dalek than a magpie!

So if you’re looking for a simple way to feel fab, get outdoors!