So how many people do you know who truly help others?  At a recent company meeting, I was so impressed with the company’s pioneering approach based on how we were all being helped to help other people.  From leadership training on how to make a difference to other people’s lives to giving others a chance, this session made a huge impact on me.

Pioneering people

One of the benefits of joining a business which is new to the UK is that you become a type of pioneer.  Introducing others to a new breakthrough product (check out Protandim) which can help them feel fab is pioneering in the sense that we are showcasing a new idea. Giving others an opportunity to change their lives through the #gigeconomy is a new way of working, so yes pioneering again.

Dr Fifi Protandim



It’s a pioneering approach to be able to talk to the scientific advisor of a company as a new member of the team.  Travelling to the UK for a half day meeting,  Dr Nathalie Chevreau (or Dr Fifi as she’s also known) wore her scientific expertise lightly and made everyone feel valued.

LifeVanrage launced in the UK in March 2016 and the personal touch which runs like a red thread through the business was also on display at the meeting.  Can you easily get face time with your bosses’ boss and her boss?

Book recommendations

Of course, this business isn’t for everyone.  If this 2% mindset image from whoisCH! resonates with you, then let’s talk.    Personal growth is something which comes with the territory of stepping out of your comfort zone and being a pioneer.

I’d like to recommend a couple of books which may help you on your  pioneering journey:

  1. Attitude is Everything – Jeff Keller
  2. Compound Effect – Darren Hardy and/or The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson
  3. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – John C. Maxwell