Jewellery: whatever your style and budget, an easy way to make your outfit feel fab is to add a favourite necklace, bracelet or earrings.  From ropes of pearls to chunky chains to delicate beads, you can make the ordinary look fabulous in no time at all.  My tip:  keep your necklaces hanging on hooks so that you don’t have to spend ages finding the right colour/length/design.

I’ve asked the fabulous Mandy Watson-Browne of Ladies who Lunch Jewellery to share some jewellery tips to make us feel fab this winter.

“If your winter clothes are looking a bit dark and uninspiring – DON’T PANIC!

All you need is some gorgeous jewellery to make you feel fab. You can update your wardrobe and add style by following a couple of key trends this winter.

Are you a pearl lover?

If so, you are right on trend as pearls are back in fashion in a big way. If you like the classic look, go for a lovely string of freshwater pearls but in great colour mixes so that you stand out from the crowd. Or for a funky look – consider a long pearl pendant.

Coloured pearls Pearls to feel fab Long pearl pendant

Top Tip

Adjustable chain jewellery

If you have clothes with lots of different necklines, look for necklaces with adjustable chains.    They will work with all your outfits.


Lace Jewellery

Now for a feminine trend – Lace is back in fashion too!

If like me you find lacy tops just a bit too fussy, these lace/crochet style necklaces do just the job. And they are light and comfortable to wear – and won’t break the bank.

silver coloured lace necklace gold coloured lace necklace

Best Advice

The best advice I can give you is experiment with lots of different jewellery designs and colours and find what works best for you.

As long as the jewellery is fabulous and it makes you feel fab – that’s what really matters!”

Thank you Mandy.