How many of us think we  look fab in photos?  If like me, you do some serious editing before printing/publishing any pics, check out the tips below and get the new free guide from the fabulous Mikaela Morgan on how to look fab in photos and selfies.

mikaela-morganHow to look good in photos.. and why you need exist in them

Don’t you just love it when friends or family whip out a camera or phone and snap an unflattering photo of you when you least expect it?

They love us just as we are so of course they love any photos of us no matter how grim…. which is of course heart warming, but let’s be honest seeing an awful photo of ourselves can be a bit of a downer!

With Christmas coming up the family paparazzi will be popping up all over the place but ladies, fear not…

Your photographer fairy godmother is here to help!

I have a Christmas gift for you:  how to look fab in photos guideA  Free Guide to Looking Good in Photos

I am a portrait photographer specialising in photographing women and I know how to make you look gorgeous. In my guide I show you how to stand you in a way that will instantly take pounds off your body and hold your face in a way that gives you just the one chin.

I show you what to do and also what NOT to do when standing and sitting and also tips on the best kind of light.

It’s a PDF guide so you can download it on to your iPad or iPhone so that you will always have it with you when you need it. Click here to access my guide to looking good in photos.

 Three Top Tips to Look Fab in Photos

  1. Face the window if you’re indoors and avoid direct sunlight on your face if you’re out and about.
  2. Take a selfie in the mirror or use a selfie stick (more selfie advice in tip #3 in my free guide).
  3. Stand at a 45 degree angle to the camera.

52 Selfies Facebook Group

Practise these tips in a mirror, take some selfies and then join us in my private 52 Selfies Facebook group and show off your selfies with pride!

The idea of 52 Selfies is to post  a photo of yourself every week for a year. When you post a photo you MUST say something positive about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are dressed up or in your PJs, wearing make up or bare faced.

It is for women only and it is a private group so a safe place to share your photos with other women who are supportive and also pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.  It’s not about vanity or asking for validation. It is, most of all, to encourage you to exist in photos, to encourage you to be kind to yourselves and show a little self-love.

Posting a photo isn’t difficult. The REAL challenge for many women is when we have to say something nice about ourselves. Ouch.. why is that so difficult!?

As women we are so good at being self-deprecating that we have become experts at it! For some reason it can feel ‘vain’ or awkward to say something nice about ourselves. But it shouldn’t be like that. One thing I have noticed is how over the past four months since I started the group is the women in my 52 selfies group have found it easier and more natural to acknowledge their positive qualities. Their selfies now look somehow more relaxed, glowing and there’s more joy in their eyes since they first joined the group.

You will see me in the group too and I find it just as much a challenge as anyone else. Sometimes I put on a nice dress and make up, other times I am out for a walk up the fields, not a scrap of make up and accepting myself as I am, laughter lines and all.

Please join us I would love to welcome you to the group!

Why YOU need to exist in photos

behind the scenes makeover photo shootTwenty five years ago my lovely mum dragged a self-conscious, teenage Mikaela and my grumpy younger sister to the traditional high street studio in town. She didn’t get in front of the camera herself because she hated being photographed. All she wanted was some nice photos of her daughters.

How much more precious that photo would have been for me and my sister if she had existed in that photo with us, especially now that she is sadly no longer with us.

I  hear this story often… women behind the camera, never in front. One day a loved one, maybe your children, will look for photos of you. What will they find? A couple of blurry iphone pictures of you (but thousands of themselves and the cat).

When you lose a parent or anybody that you love, you don’t give a hoot what they look like in photos, or how many wrinkles they have or if they’ve put on a few pounds. You just want to see the person you love smiling in a photo.

Isn’t it about time YOU existed in photos? Captured as you are NOW. Your image here forever… for your loved ones, children and your grandchildren.

Whether you are photographed by a professional or whether you take photos with your phone just make sure you are in photos.

So you think you are not photogenic?

99.9% of my clients think they are not photogenic… so that’s most people. Yet the gorgeous women on my website are those very same people. I think EVERYONE is capable of looking fabulous in photos. It’s just a matter of taking the time to light you correctly and helping you to feel relaxed and at ease so that the best version of you shines out in your photograph.

Honour yourself with a professional photoshoot.  For the ultimate feel-good experience you can book a makeover photoshoot with me at my private studio in the countryside near Tring in Hertfordshire. After a professional hair and make up session I will guide you through the shoot every step of the way to bring out your own beauty (and yes you ARE beautiful, I will show you).

It’s a beautiful gift to yourself.

Or you can share it with friends, daughters, sisters or mum for an unforgettable girls day out. Guys are also welcome though they can skip the makeup bit 😉

Head over to my website to browse Before and After photos of women of all ages and sizes, behind-the-scenes videos and reviews.